Cem Şen Teaching System

All of the universal teachings known with distinctive names as Chan (Zen), Dzogchen, Gnosticism, Sufism and Daoism, tell us that only one fundamental teaching exists in the universe. This teaching makes it possible for the human mind to understand the universal laws.

These laws form a roadmap so that all beings discover their true nature and reach pure and absolute happiness. Truth and the knowledge of Truth construct the heart of all teachings. The teachings are just patterns of this Truth. Consequently, Cem Şen Teaching System is based on Shamanism, Daoism, Wu Dao, and Buddhism, in order to study the universal teaching which is at the center of each teaching. Universal teaching is based on three fundamentals. These are named as “three basic spiritual forces” or “Three Jewels” in all the teachings. Three Jewels correspond to body, breath/energy and consciousness.

In Cem Şen teachings, the Three Jewels are studied with a five-level training program.

Throughout the history, this knowledge and wisdom has been traditionally transmitted to today’s Masters by the elder Masters who have reached high levels of spiritual growth.

Level 1: Yi Jin Jing / Muscle and Tendon Exercise

Muscle and tendon exercise is a legendary practice developed by Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen Buddhism. Although there are plenty of similar practices in our day, the original practice comes from the first-level teaching of the school’s training of the body, which is known as Da Mo Pai or Bodhidharma School and whose roots reach from one master to the other until Bodhidarma. Throughout the Chinese history, muscle and tendon exercise is accepted as one of the most efficient practices developed for cultivating a body with perfect health and energy. At the same time, it is well known for cleansing the problems created in the body and mind during the spiritual journey.

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Level 2: Fang Song Gong / Relaxation of the Body and the Mind

Qi, i.e. life force, stops flowing when the mind stops flowing. This stagnation causes pain in our body, functional disorder in our organs, physical illness, negative emotional states and unhappiness. When stagnation increases and becomes a blockage, irreversible or hardly curable problems like cancer, heart diseases, strokes and heavy psychological disorders are created. This is all because of chronic stress in the body and mind. Unless STRESS is regulated, it is impossible to be healthy, increase life energy and reach a state of being that can be defined as “happiness”. Therefore, at the Second Level of Cem Şen Teachings, we start by learning how to take Hun under control and to manage it.

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Level 3: Xin Shen Zhuang Fa / Body and Mind Form

Each level of Cem Şen Teaching System is linked to the succeeding levels. Hence, the Third Level is the continuation of the Second Level. In this level, we will connect our greater mind or our soul with our body, which is the “frame” or “form” containing our consciousness, by using the relaxation skill we started to develop in the previous level. For this purpose, we will use an exercise named “Body and Mind Form”.

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Level 4: Nei Gong / Developing Life Energy

In Cem Şen Teaching System the student becomes physically strong at the First Level, gains control and awareness on the restraints of stress at the Second Level and gains body and mind alignment at the Third Level, whereas at the Fourth Level the student learns about secret ways of using his/her breath to further increase and develop life energy. At this level, the student who relaxed and developed his/her concentration skill combines sharp awareness with breathing and starts the energy reaction which is necessary for “internal alchemy” transformation in his/her body which is relaxed and purified with fire.

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Path of the Heart: Awakening to the True Nature of the Mind

The mind/consciousness is an undefinable concept. The mind is both everything and nothing; it is both everywhere and nowhere. There is only one thing that one can say about the mind: it is neither this nor that and it is both this and that. Any definition for the mind would be lacking or incorrect. Everything that exists originates from the mind, but every existing thing is not the mind. The mind is neither existing nor not existing; it is both existing and not existing. The instrument to grasp the mind is an advanced consciousness and awareness. This kind of awareness is the core or seed in our essence, which is named as “spark” or “nour” in the teachings used to attain wisdom. The awareness of this spark defines the highest possible stage that human consciousness can reach, which is known as “enlightenment” in Buddhism, “unity” in Sufism and “immortality” in Daoism. This stage is also known as “the Path without a Path”, “the Teaching without a Teaching” or “the Path of the Heart”. The reason why the Path of the Heart is defined as without teaching is that the teaching is the vehicle for reaching the other shore. The vehicle is only for reaching the other shore. Once you get there, there is no need for the vehicle anymore. The final level of Cem Şen Teachings consists of effective methods used for centuries to awaken to the true nature of the mind.

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