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Second Level: Fang Song Gong / Relaxation of the Body and the Mind / İSTANBUL (In Turkish)

Trainer: CEM ŞEN

Our mind needs to be like water. Water is pure and clear as long as it flows freely in the mountains. Only with stagnation, water goes bad, gets filthy and loses its purity. Just like water, also our mind loses its fluidity and gets restricted when there is anxiety due to misunderstandings. It starts to create disease in our body and soul.

Qi, life force, also stops flowing when the mind stops flowing. This stagnation causes pain in our body, functional disorder in our organs, physical illness, negative emotions and unhappiness. When stagnation increases and becomes a blockage, irreversible or hardly curable problems like cancer, heart diseases, strokes and heavy psychological disorders are created.

This is all because of chronic stress in the body and mind.
Our daily reality is perceived partially and in a limited way by our consciousness. Such a limited perception of reality makes it possible for us to be functional in daily life and move towards a specific goal. This restriction is created by a specific part of our consciousness. This part of our consciousness or spirit is defined as “Hun” by the Daoists and known as the “monkey mind” in the Buddhist literature.

The monkey mind is not capable of knowing everything like “Shen” (which we will study at the fifth level of our teaching) or our absolute mind (soul) which constitute the larger part of our consciousness. Monkey mind can perceive our surrounding reality only through our senses, feelings and thoughts since this consciousness comes to existence with our bodies and also disappears with our bodies. This is the part of our mind that fears death and extinction. Yet, we never disappear in reality. In fact, it is this same mind that makes us feel separate from everything else, disconnected, alone and in fear.

When this part of our consciousness, interprets the external stimuli or our thoughts incorrectly (and has a tendency to do so), a condition defined as STRESS emerges. Stress not only drains our life energy and deteriorates our living conditions, but at the same time prepares a suitable ground for all kinds of diseases and mental disorders.
Unless STRESS is regulated, it is impossible to be healthy, increase life energy and reach a state of being that can be defined as “happiness”. Therefore, at the second level of Cem Şen Teachings, we start by learning how to take Hun under control and to manage it.