Being on a path is the same as being in love, where nothing that is trying to get in the way of you being with the one you love is a true obstacle.

Money, time, health, destiny, conditions and similar bumps and potholes on the way are not true obstacles, but excuses of a tease who claims to be in love. If one is not in love, what one ‘loves’ will always have problems and the path to it will always be too hard. If, on the path to your target destination, you find obstacles that fill your heart with doubt, don’t forget, that only means one thing; you are not in love, but a flirt.

Whether what has captured your heart is a person, a job, a spiritual path, or any kind of ideal… The mindset of a lover is to travel the route with all of its difficulties and to get to the desired destination. For a lover, it is more meaningful to be unsuccessful or to die on the path to reach one’s loved one, than it is to live a life that is safe.

Every being, that understands it is the flame of a candle that is trying to be lit in a storm, knows that the only meaningful effort is to journey the path the heart is set on from beginning to end.

Translated by Deniz Dinler

Photo by Ilya Ilford on Unsplash