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The Cem Şen Teaching System follows the roadmap of teachings that have spread across the world through the ages in pursuit of pure and absolute happiness by the exploration of “the true nature” of all beings.

Three spiritual pillars upon which these universal teachings rise or “Three Precious Treasures” also lay the foundation of the Cem Şen Teaching System: (Please click on the headings for further information)


A More Profound Understanding of Life Energy

The beginning of time was at the same time the beginning of life as we know it. The beginning of time was the beginning of movement. For this reason, movement also happens to mean ‘life’. When I was asked by a Chinese master about which word we used for Qi in the Western language…


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If you are looking for mastery, you can find it in simplicity and ordinariness. The measure of one’s progress lies in the increasing simplicity rather than complexity of his words, phrases, and actions.

Cem Şen

What we are today comes from our thoughts yesterday, and our thoughts today creates our life tomorrow; our life is created by our mind. 

Guatama Buddha, The Dhammapada

Being awake is the path of the immortal; not being awake is the path of the death. The ones who are awake never die; the absent minded are like already dead. 

Guatama Buddha, The Dhammapada